West's Haven

A Home for All Who Need One

(Be sure to check back later! We're always expanding to new platforms!)

Here you'll find all of our server's rules and important information. Please read carefully to make sure we can have a fun, safe, and awesome environment! Rules made by Nexavix.


Rule 1: Be respectful
Even though the internet isn't a place to take things seriously, this server is a safe space for everyone. Harassment, racism, homophobia, and transphobia is strictly forbidden. If somebody tells you to stop something, please just quit it. You never know what people are going through.

Rule 2: Don't post offensive content
This expands on rule one. Any kind of content that is offensive to others will be removed immediately. Again, this is a safe space for everybody and offensive content is not welcome here.

Rule 3: Keep all general chats safe for work
(At the current time of writing, all chats in the server are safe for work). This server is PG-13. Content, (including messages, images, videos, or other pieces of media), must be SFW. Be aware of the people that are reading. Usernames, profile pictures, and statuses must be safe for work, too. If you are found in violation of this rule, you will be asked to change/ remove your username, status, etc. Expanding on this, usernames must be typeable and pingable. If they are not, you will be asked to change it.

Rule 4: Advertisement
Artwork and personal creations go in their respective channels (more on that later), but advertisements of other servers will be removed. Refer to rule 7 about invites, and feel free to ask anything if you have further questions

Rule 5: Chat etiquette
Spamming is not tolerated in any chat, doing so will result in a mute. This applies to emojis, too. We don't want channels to be cluttered, so make sure to take it easy when you're moving and grooving :yaaaaay:. This server is English only, large conversations in a different language will be asked to taken elsewhere.

Rule 6: Server drama
Inter-server and intra-server drama should be kept to a minimum. Our server is not the place to brew hate and spread rumors. Sharing private conversations is not allowed without the consent of all parties. Screenshots will be removed. Keep discussions civil. The moment a conversation turns into strife you will be asked to move it elsewhere. Doesn't matter who started it. Just be nice.

Rule 7: Follow Community Guidelines and ToS
This is an unspoken rule, but should be included anyways. You must follow all of Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Illegal activity is not allowed here. Do not post harmful content. This includes, but is not limited to: viruses, IP loggers, pornography, unsolicited discord server invites that includes aforementioned material, or any other kind of content that is against the law and Discord’s Community Guidelines/ToS. Anything in violation of this will result in a report being filed to Discord's Trust and Safety Team.

Rule 8: Evasion of disciplinary action
Evading punishments in a way such as leaving the server in an attempt to avoid a mute, kick, and/or ban will be given further disciplinary action. This will usually result in a warning, and longer mutes. Don't do it, just do your time so we can all be friends again

Rule 9: Channel usage
Every channel is made for a specific purpose. Use each channel for it's own thing respectively. Remember to read the channel descriptions, as they'll have important information regarding said channel.

Rule 10: Third-party clients
The use of third-party clients that provides any kind of service a normal user cannot have is strictly prohibited.

Rule 11: Further actions by staff
The staff reserves a right to reprimand users on anything that is not listed in these rules to ensure that this server is safe. This, however, can only go to such an extent. If you have any questions about this rule you can DM either me, Alberic, or Westernerd.


Here you'll find general information about the server. Read carefully! It wouldn't be in here if it wasn't important.

Artists will be given the creator role. These are people who create things! This can be anything ranging from Art to Music.

To obtain a creator role, you must demonstrate proof of what you've made. This can be physical art, songs, models, etc. Just DM a staff member or send in a public channel! This role will allow you to post your work in the respected creation channels.

Current role list:
[ Artist ]
[ Music ]
[ Modeler ]
[ Photographer ]
[ Writer ]
[ Other ]

All channels are SFW and should abide by rule 3.

Your first moments in the server
When you first enter the server, you will only have a handful of permissions. This is done by the ranking system done by @HavenBot#8762. To unlock more permissions, all you have to do is simply chat in any of the public channels!

Ranking System Levels
Rank 0 - Able to send messages
Rank 5 - Able to join VCs and post images
Rank 10 - Unlocks all other basic perms (Server video, nickname, etc)

Read channel descriptions!
They explain what the channel is for and how it should be used.

External Emojis
External Emoji access is granted with a role. Just ask a staff member for the role, and you're set!

By joining the server, you agree to follow all of these rules. Violation will result in a warning, followed by disciplinary action. Not reading these rules does not make you exempt from the rules.

Warnings will be handed out if deemed fit by staff. If you receive 3 warnings within a 1-month period, you will receive a ban

These rules are subject to change. You as a member are responsible to keep up with changes.